Jon Roscetti is a fifteen-year veteran in New York’s animation industry. Known for his credits on The Venture Brothers, Our Cartoon President, and Blaze & the Monster Machines, he has worked for the biggest studios in television. A graduate of The School of Visual Arts Jon, with his twin-brother Matt, established Inkstains, a student cartooning publication, whose legacy continues on today. An internship at DC Comics along with a hands-on job at a print shop prepared Jon for the nitty-gritty of publishing. Currently, Jon is preparing his co-creator-owned series COIL-A GenePunk Story, with writer/creator Joshua V. Scher, for launch as an ongoing series.

As a child Jon saw Luke Skywalker staring toward the horizon at the twin-suns and knew he wanted to tell heroic stories. Today he does exactly that.

Photos by Christopher David Photography

Photos by Christopher David Photography